iGC: iGaming made lean.

April 10, 2015 — by Admin0

You jump off a cliff and assemble an aircraft on the way down

Linked-In CEO, Reid Hoffman

During ICE London in February 2015, Gaming Innovation Group(GiG) revealed iGamingCloud(iGC) to the wider industry. iGC is the client management platform of cloud computing services company, iGamingCloud ltd. This product has the potential to be a real game changer for the wider community of the iGaming industry as its two core functions are to eliminate technological bottlenecks and significantly reduce costs for operators and whitelabels alike.

The vision of iGC is to make the iGaming industry lean and connected. It was hatched out of the pain and frustrations that our founding team experienced while profitably growing a b2c operator (,) from inception to scale.

Guts was founded on the backbone of innovative ideas and a passion for the customer experience. Our value proposition was to not only change the gambling industry but also the perception of what gambling is. We wanted to do this by improving the core services and its user friendliness towards customers. Then we wanted to spice it up a bit by bringing some innovation. In other words we applied a lot of common sense and our perceived success would very much be vested in our ability to build a very efficient operation with a customer centric ethos.

Our message was well received with customers who showed up in droves. Having wind in the sails we figured our biggest challenges moving forward would be to maintain focus on the core proposition, continue to improve the product and operation while innovating, all at the same time Oh boy, were we wrong.

As the operation grew in numbers, the complexity rose, sparking numerous problems:

  1. The whitelabel platform we were based on was not robust enough to scale with our growth. It was not flexible enough to meet our increasing expectations and business needs.
  2. As we expanded our reach into new markets and required additional outsourced services, the ability to rapidly contract, integrate and offer new providers, turned into endless skype logs and month long sales and integrations cycles.
  3. As we grew from a small to medium sized operator, our ability to compete with medium to larger size operators was reduced to excessive overtime and creativity, as margins did not scale with the turnover.
    In 2014 Guts paid in excess of 50% of it´s revenues in direct expenses, excluding all marketing. That´s a lot of overtime.

So what do you do?

A famous startup quote by fellow entrepreneur and Linked-In CEO, Reid Hoffman, said “You jump off a cliff and assemble an aircraft on the way down”.

And that’s what we did.

We decided to go on a rather ludicrous mission of creating a leading cloud computing services firm for the iGaming Industry. Our sanity check was along the lines of:

“Why should iGaming be any different from the US West Coast tech scene?”

While we were struggling with problems belonging in the last decade, we observed in frustration the continued emergence of cloud based Software As A Service(SaaS) technology wonders such as Salesforce and Shopify thriving in a far more hostile environment in a galaxy far, far away.

Having branched out from the competitive online performance-marketing field into user interfaces as an operator, GiG had grown a very confident and capable tech team who knew the whole customer journey by heart. We were confident we could create awesome cloud based SaaS´s.

Their approach to accomplish this was to write the application from the very first letter of code in C#. To create a truly high performing and flexible application, tailored to the specific needs of iGaming, this is the only way to do it. Scrapping third party integrations, even for functions such as e-mail and livechat, sounds rather frisky, however you save the maintenance and are always familiar with your code. Our process proved us right.

After investing significant time on the architecture and the building blocks, we picked up an extraordinary pace.

Six months after the first letter of code, with good help from suppliers embracing the idea, we had completed the integrations with most game and payment vendors while developing all features and functionality needed.

Our hard work came to fruition with the launch of Betspin( in February. They have grown to some thousand actives and given us good data. Server loads are looking amazing. There have been few bugs and best of all, the very much underestimated problem of game performance for the end user, lag and choppy spins which every casino player hates but unfortunately has to endure almost everywhere, has been solved.

With most of the trudge work done, we have finally reached the phase we always dreamt of where we can work efficiently on innovation and product development. These days we are working on breakthrough platform features and design while looking to expand into offering more product verticals.




Having successfully built and launched a robust and lean operation, we can offer our services at a remarkable price point. This allows us to earn less on more. We picked up a lot of interest, some dozens of companies have inquired, however will hurry patiently ensuring the satisfaction of each and every client.

Innovation often comes from the grassroots of the ecosystem. By lowering the barriers to entry we are enabling innovation. In a time of increased regulation, taxation, and competiveness, iGC is what is needed to drive the industry forward. We need to plan for the future. If you like our vision, then contact us at [email protected] We´re starting selling it this month and we´d love to partner with you and bring more lean services into the iGamingcloud.(.com)